Rae Earl is a writer and broadcaster. She went to Hull University, won the Phillip Larkin prize for a slightly waffly but really quite good essay on dystopian fiction and then worked in radio. Her first book My Mad Fat Diary was described as ‘Funnier, sadder and ruder than Adrian Mole’ by the Financial Times and as an ‘English comedy classic’ by Hadley Freeman. The E4 TV series based on the book has been nominated for 2 BAFTAs and a Royal Television Society Award and is currently shown in over 30 countries worldwide. 

Rae has also written My Madder Fatter Diary (the sequel to the My Mad Fat Diary) and the OMG! Hattie Moore series of books for young teens (of all ages).

Rae should be writing her next book but gets getting waylaid by ‘Bargain Hunt’, playing airports with her son Harry and cleaning up after her elderly cat who doesn’t like to eat Whiskas from a bowl but off the RUDDY CARPET.              

Rae’s mum still buys her a Walnut Whip when she does something good.