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My Mad Fat Diary and My Madder Fatter Diary

'Funnier, sadder and ruder than Adrian Mole, this will delight teenagers past and present' Financial Times

'You wouldn't catch many people revealing their true teen thoughts. Hurray then for Rae Earl, who dug out her diary and published it in the raw. Hilarious and gut-wrenchingly familiar' In Style

‘Very funny’ Elle

'Full of nostalgia, this journal will make you laugh out loud' Closer

‘No description will convey how brilliant this book is so just trust me, this book is hilarious – an English comedy classic really’ Hadley Freeman  

 ‘A page turner full of sympathy, humour and sadness’ Heat





OMG! Is This Actually My Life?! 

'Rae Earl captures the outrageous but nonetheless surprisingly loveable characteristics of this convincing teenage drama queen.' Julia Eccleshare, The Guardian.

Fourteen-year-old Hattie Moore doesn't actually know who her dad is – but that's the least of her problems. How can she become a TOTAL HOTNESS GODDESS when Miss Gorgeous Knickers at school hates her and NO ONE FANCIES HER. And her family are an actual nightmare. Her unbelievably annoying brother is EVIL and on top of that, her gran is a TOTAL mental, who may be texting rude jokes to just about EVERYONE in the world. Including dentists. Hattie's diary of this tumultuous year is an absolutely hilarious account of the ups and downs of teenage life, including a dating bogey phobia, near death from biscotti and a home-made breast-growing machine.







OMG! I’m in Love with a Geek!

This is the year Hattie wants to find real FULL-ON love. No more McFitties, but real, long-term love. And she thinks she knows who with. His mum may still call him Goosey Woosey and he might have an unnatural interest in doing well in his exams, but Goose could actually be THE ONE! But how can Hattie make him realize this, when he seems more interested in his gecko? And there's the other matter of her dad, who seems to be more interested in saving the planet than in his new-found daughter. And there's also Gran, who has a new iPad and a dangerous obsession with Twitter. What's a girl to do? Write it all down in a hilarious diary about the ups, downs and total dramas of being Hattie Moore. 







My Mad Fat Diary

Nominated for 2 BAFTAs and a Royal Television Society awards.

“A lovely drama – honest and painful, real, and very funny. Sharon Rooney's performance in the lead is natural, effortless and utterly believable; she should win something for it.” Sam Wollaston. The Guardian.

“A surprisingly honest, funny and even moving account of what it’s like for a teenage girl to live with serious mental health problems, free of many of the clichés that often inform how mental illness is portrayed on TV.." Brian Semple for The Independent

“This show actually is my mad fat diary. I have already pretty much lived this show, for real... Reminds you how rarely you see teenage girls on television doing anything other than looking sexy in short skirts, endlessly texting their friends about parties, or wailing "IT'S SO UNFAIR" when their parents won't buy them a car”. Caitlin Moran, The Times 

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