Is this book going to happen?! Is that TV series going to happen?! WHY WON’T YOU TELL ME?!

I promise when I get news about any project and I’m allowed to tell people (sometimes I can’t say anything till contracts and stuff are sorted) I will tell YOU. Yes – YOU.  

I feel awful. I think I feel like you did when you were young. What should I do?

Talk to someone. Your doctor is a good start. I guarantee that they’ve heard worse things. There’s lots of ways to help a head that’s in distress or unwell. Talk to your doctor and they can guide you through them. 

What can I do for myself?

Try to make healthy choices. I don’t mean eat loads of vegetables (though a good diet probably helps). I mean look after your head. If something or someone is making you feel uncomfortable or distressed move away from it. If it something you can’t move away from (for example – school) then talk to someone about ways you can make it better. I know I keep saying that but sharing a problem means you’re on your way to solving it.   

The E4 ‘My Mad Fat Diary’ website has a great list of organisations that can help.


I’ve just read ‘My Mad Fat Diary’ and ‘My Madder Fatter Diary’. Are you still friends with the people in the book?

Yes – and they are LOVELY.      

Do you like the TV show?

I think it’s WONDERFUL. The cast and crew are very sweet and exceptionally talented.

What’s your favourite song/film/group/book ever of all time?  

I love loads of things. So I’ve made a part of this website – ‘Things I Love’. I’m just going to put down there a list of stuff that gives me the joys. 

What don’t you like?

Melon. Nazis in all their forms. But melon mainly. Bet Hitler liked melon. 

Do you still pretend to be in pop videos?

Totally. There is a field near where I live where you can do ‘Wuthering Heights’ by Kate Bush completely in peace.  And I mean with arms akimbo and everything.  

Is there anything in your diaries you regret sharing?

Mmmm. Not really. The toilet roll incident in ‘My Mad Fat Diary’ a bit. I thought many people would have tried what I’d tried. To date – no-one in the world has. Ever. If you don’t know what I’m talking about read the book.

What’s your favourite airline livery?

Probably Cayman Airways. They’ve got a turtle dressed as a pirate on their planes.

Has anybody really ever asked you that? 


Are you a geek?

Totally. I’ve plane spotted from an early age. Oh so shoot me. I love it. Like what you like in life. Who cares what people think? I LIKE HANGING AROUND AIRPORTS. If it’s not hurting anyone DO what you want. Standing at Terminal 4 with a Pret a Manger baguette doodling jumbo jets is FINE.