Things I Love

Sue Townsend. Everything she ever wrote.

Sue Townsend made me laugh for 30 years. I nicked the first Adrian Mole from the school library. A selfish act but I really looked after it because I ADORED it (It’s travelled with me everywhere). Sue wrote the funniest, sweetest, most affecting comedy that had really sharp social comment effortlessly popping through it. All of her work is worth reading. ‘Adrian Mole’ is, of course, genius but so were her bloody columns for the Sainsburys magazine. She’s my absolute literary hero.      



I spent most of my childhood/adolescence wondering what it would be like to be a bloke. Hence the cardboard cock incident (see ‘My Mad Fat Diary’). Would I be more successful as a man? Would my pot belly matter so much? Would I get away with more? In this film Dustin Hoffman is a better woman than he is a man. Even though he is man. He falls in love with a woman and two men fall in love with him whist he’s a woman and a woman falls in love with him whilst he’s a man. It sounds a bit farcey and ‘Allo Allo’. It’s not - it’s really funny and full of heart.  



Saw it 25/2/85 at Stamford cinema. Life changed. The only film that could feature a song by Air Supply and STILL be wonderful. R.I.P Harold Ramis with a cheeky, geeky crush on Egon forever. 


Victoria Wood – As seen on TV

God it’s STILL so good. It’s aged so well. Acorn Antiques, the songs, Julie Walters delivering soup as a waitress – it’s just FANTASTIC. Thank GOD for Victoria Wood. 


The Kenneth Williams Diaries

These diaries show all shades of someone. I don’t think much ‘art’ really does that. We all prefer things a bit more black and white. This isn’t that. That’s why it’s so good. 


Pulp His ‘n’ Hers

Had a crap fling, made an idiot of myself with a bloke I can’t remember the name of BUT he had this on CD. Which proves that from even the most disastrous relationship you can salvage something. I think this is my favourite album of all time. Jarvis writes lyrics like poetry and ‘Happy Endings’ makes me cry (NOT because of crap fling by the way)      


King of Kong

A documentary about arcade gaming with baddies and goodies that ARE REAL HUMANS. With an amazing twist at the end and then ANOTHER twist after that. (Pssst – at time of writing you can watch it on YouTube) 



Confession. I use Ripley’s line ‘Did I.Q’s just drop sharply whilst I was away’ A LOT. Anyway Sigourney Weaver patented kick arse. Aliens has the best heroine, the best little kid that you actually want to save, the best hateful greedy corporate shits and Vasquez’s killer comeback when she’s flexing her muscles and some guy asks her if she’s ever been mistaken for a man – ‘No. Have you?’. I CHEER her EVERYTIME. IN YOUR FACE space marines and xenomorphs.              


The Shawshank Redemption

I’ve seen it over 400 times. ‘Nuff said.    


This Life

This was the 90’s and they were beautiful. Cracking drama, fantastic soundtrack (picked by Ricky Gervais) and Andrew Lincoln from The Walking Dead looks about 14!